John J. Pershing Medical Center

 Malcom Randall VA Medical Center: Roof Investigation Report. Gainesville, FL

Clinic and Urgent Care Addition, John J. Pershing Medical Center

Popular Bluff, MO
Innovative Engineering Inc. provided the physical security design, including blast and progressive collapse, for the Clinic and Urgent Care Addition at the John J. Pershing Medical Center in Popular Bluff, Missouri.

Project Details

The Clinic and Urgent Care Addition is a single story, approximately 9,000 sf steel framed structure which was been designed for a future second story. The building structure, building envelope, site and building systems were all designed in accordance with the VA Physical Security Design Manual for Mission Critical Facilities.

Physical Security

Using a holistic approach, the site was first designed to provide the required standoff distances to parking and access control to no parking areas. Next the building super structure and envelope elements were designed for blast resistance via non-linear dynamic analysis and the building super structure was designed for progressive collapse resistance using the Tie-Force method. Once the analysis was completed the designs were incorporated into the project drawings and specifications.