Fall Protection

Fall Protection

Fall Protection


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  • Chevron Solar-to-Steam Facility

    Chevron Solar-to-Steam Facility

    Coalinga, CA Structural engineering for a first of its kind solar-to-steam technology designed to use 7,000 mirrors to reflect sunlight onto a 323 ft tower to produce steam, which is injected into an oil well to make oil easier to extract. Design consisted of engineering of structural steel tower superstructure modifications and additions, foundations, cable tray and pipe supports, equipment racks and anchorage, and elevated walkways.
  • Pan American Hydrogen Inc. Matheson Tri-Gas/APR RF-200 Structure

    Pan American Hydrogen Inc. Matheson Tri-Gas/APR RF-200 Structure

    Cantonment, FL Structural engineering and design for a five story open k-braced structural tower for hydrogen reformer and associated stair tower supported on a mat foundation. Finish coating was an epoxy system.
  • USDA Fruit and Tree Nut Research Station, Water Tower

    Byron, GA
    Condition assessment and OSHA review of 120 ft tall, 50,000 gallon water tower built in 1956. Inspections were conducted in accordance with OSHA Standards for General Industry 29 CFR 1910 and American Water Works Association (AWWA) D100-05.
  • Marta Terminal, Fall Protection Scaffolding

    Atlanta, GA Design of customized fall protection scaffolding to be used by general contractor during large scale electrical lighting upgrade project at Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) terminal.
  • Naval Air Station Meridian, Hangar Repair & Para Loft Renovation

    Naval Air Station Meridian, Hangar Repair & Para Loft Renovation

    Meridian, MS Structural design for interior renovation of existing 2-story administration and support areas located in the approximately 181,000 SF Building 2 Hangar including maintenance and office space. Building 2 is a structural steel framed building supported by a cantilevered truss system which spans over both hangar bays and the admin/support areas. Project included installation of access platforms for new air handling units, structural repairs to the existing monorail support system at north side of Building, and the partial enclosure of exterior storage sheds.